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Identify Your Organization's Point of Contact

The point of contact identified for your organization will be designated as the Supervisory User for BSA E-Filing. Determining who will act as your organization's Supervisory User is the first step in the BSA E-Filing enrollment process. The Supervisory User serves as a liaison between BSA E-Filing and his/her filing organization and has primary responsibility for the filing organization's use of BSA E-Filing. Consider the information below before choosing your Supervisory User. Once you choose your Supervisory User, that person will complete the enrollment process (steps 2, 3, and 4) for your organization.

The Supervisory User will have:
The Supervisory User you choose:


When you have designated a Supervisory User,
you have completed Step 1!


Your designated Supervisory User should continue this enrollment process, completing the remaining steps in sequence:

Step 2: Fill Out and Submit the Supervisory User Application Form
Step 3: Obtain Authorization as Supervisory User
Step 4: Download the Forms Reader


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