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Fill Out and Submit the Supervisory User Application Form

A system user ID is required to access the secure portion of the BSA E-Filing System.

Follow the instructions below to apply for a user ID:
  1. Click Supervisory User Application Form to open the form.
  2. Follow the instructions on the form, noting the mandatory fields are identified with an asterisk (*) and shaded in yellow.
    1. User Information
      • Ensure your email address is correct in order to receive enrollment codes and your user ID.
      • The Type field default is Supervisory and cannot be changed.
    2. User Login Information
      • It is recommended to use your email address as your user ID.
    3. Organization Information
      • EIN - Employer Identification Number
      • Micr # = Magnetic Ink Character Recognition Number
      • TCC, Transmitter Control Code, is only required if your organization currently files CTR or SAR batches.
  1. Click Submit.

When you have submitted the form,
you have completed Step 2!


To continue this enrollment process, complete the remaining steps in sequence:

Step 3: Obtain Authorization as Supervisory User

Step 4: Download the Forms Reader


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