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Costs Involved in Becoming a BSA E-Filing User

The primary costs involve organizational time and effort in three basic categories, which will vary by BSA E-Filing user type:

Process Changes

Batch Filers

  • Compliance staff must establish new processes for submitting batches via BSA E-Filing.
  • IT staff may need to initially assist in the transfer of:
    • batches from a mainframe to the Internet-ready terminal from which they will be submitted.
    • Acknowledgment (ACK) files for CTR batches from the Internet-ready terminal to the legacy system.

Discrete Filers

  • Compliance staff must establish new processes for BSA form creation, routing, and submission processes.
  • New data storage processes are also likely to be necessary.


Batch Filers

  • Compliance staff must be trained.

Discrete Filers

  • Compliance staff must be trained to manage the use of BSA E-Filing and the new routing and record-keeping processes.
  • Branch staff that uses the BSA E-Filing electronic forms for data entry and submission must be trained in the use of the electronic forms and in any new routing, approval, and record-keeping processes.
  • Branch personnel who are BSA E-Filing users will require additional training.

Organizational Changes

  • All BSA E-Filing organizations must identify a single Supervisory User (and a backup) to serve as the primary BSA E-Filing administrator.
  • users must obtain a user ID and password accepted by BSA E-Filing.