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Identify Your Organization's Point of Contact

The point of contact identified for your organization will be designated as the Supervisory User for BSA E-Filing. Determining who will act as your organization's Supervisory User is the first step in the BSA E-Filing enrollment process. The Supervisory User serves as a liaison between BSA E-Filing and his/her filing organization and has primary responsibility for the filing organization's use of BSA E-Filing. Consider the information below before choosing your Supervisory User. Once you identified your organization's point of contact for BSA E-Filing, the designated person will enroll as the Supervisory User for your organization.

The Supervisory User will have:

  • Responsibility for facilitating the process of creating general user accounts for members of your organization
  • Day-to-day oversight of your BSA compliance efforts from a filing standpoint
  • Access to system functionality not available to regular users, such as ability to update filing organization information and track the status of filings submitted by all users from across the organization

The Supervisory User you choose:

  • Should have insight into all BSA filing activities across the entire filing organization
  • Should be knowledgeable about the individuals responsible for preparing and submitting BSA filings and the processes by which filings are submitted
  • Must be designated by your organization's headquarters Bank Secrecy Act compliance department
  • Must be confirmed as such by the Chief Compliance Officer (or equivalent)